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 Main System Directories
  Students - students’ personal data.  Professors - professor’s personal data.  Groups - data on the groups. Information about all the school terms groups is stored here. For your convenience only the last school term groups are showed.  Categories - it can either age or any other categories, like doctor’s degree category; pupil category etc.  Type of courses used in this particular educational institution, like intense courses or courses for children.  Levels - this directory contains different student knowledge levels at the moment of enrolment.  Method Materials - is used during the group forming and defines the set of method materials the training process would be based on.  Class Rooms - the information about all the lecture rooms of the school is stored here. It is used during the schedule development process.  Time Range - is used during the schedule development process, like the range from 8 to 10; from 15 to 16.45 etc.  Fees - this directory describes all the possible rates used when paying school fees. Fee can be bound to the certain category; level and type of course.  Payment type - it can be a cashless settlement; cash payment etc.
Student Registration
  The system allows to register students in the beginning of the school term; designate students to the suitable level group. The students’ data is stored for all the system use period.
  When enrolling a student to a group, there following information that can be indicated:
  - Fee according to which the payment is realized;  - Payment type - cashless settlement, for example;  - The sum for payment – it can differ a bit from the established fee due to re-inscription discounts;  - Short description and the sales check number.
  System allows to insert student’s final test/exam grade as well as the overall absences amount. At the end of term or education a certificate is given to a student. The conditions of certificate issuance can be determined: minimal final exam grade and the maximum absences amount. 

 This is the student registration interface:
 If it is necessary the student can be transferred to the other group (on his own iniciative or any other reason).
 This is the student transfer interface: