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Management of dedicated developers.
Years of experience our company with foreign companies allows us to focus on the organization and management of work with remote developers. Using remote commands, gives us the opportunity to organize the process so that the client does not experience discomfort due to the distance between the developers. This allows us to reduce development time and interaction with the client.
In order to improve the interaction, we provide each client with a personal manager. He provides full information re organization of the working process with a remote team, and helps to resolve issues that arise during the project. We are conducting a joint training. We provide airport pick up, help with hotel reservation, organization of leisure time, etc.  
In order to ensure optimal interaction with the developers we offer:     - The use of MSN and e-mail.     - Skype and phone.     - Workplace installed a web cam to allow video conferencing.     - To monitor the process of project implementation, a system bugtracking.