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The project: Education Process Management System (EPMS)
The project main goals are:
  - Automation and optimization of the educational process stock. This will lead to the quick and handy access to the reports (let’s say the information about a student), forms and standard procedures (paying school fees; student transfer from one group to another);  - Another project goal is the creation of the transparent informational infrastructure. An accurate account on the enterprise state of affairs can be given on the base of the set of reports.  A web-based solution is offered, which means that the created system would be a web application with the web interface. Why Web?
Equipment and software requirements.Workstation (min) :Pentium III-800, 128 Mb RAM, 100 Mbps NIC/ 57.6 Modem, Windows XP, Firefox browserServer (min) :Windows: Pentium IV-1.2 GHz, 512 RAM, 1Gb free HDD, Windows 2000 Server, NIC 10/100 MbpsorLinux, FreeBSD: Pentium III-1.2 GHz, 256 RAM, 1Gb free HDD, NIC 10/100 Mpbs
 There are such concepts as “term” and “mark” in the system.
 Term - is a period of time starting from the beginning of the school year/quarter/month to the end of school year/quarter/month. The entire operator’s work within the program is limited to the current term. There’s a possibility to view/adjust other terms data..
  Mark - is a special sign which is created automatically (in the beginning of work within the system) or is hand made at any time. Marks allow taking some versions of stock. The subjects to mark are groups and schedules. For example, if the schedule is in the development process and it is necessary to save the current schedule version and to proceed to the next version of the schedule with the possibility to get back to the previous (or any other) version.
 There’s a possibility of context data search within all the system directories.
  There’s also a handy search mechanism allowing to look for free lecture rooms and professors at the certain hour range or day.