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IT Outsourcing and Outstaffing
Optimum-web Ukraine for Outsourcing solutions
Optimum-web Ukraine is a Global IT Outsourcing Provider. We are 15+ years in the IT Outsourcing Business and we have already helped many companies worldwide to grow their business fast by providing talented and experienced IT resources for reasonable cost.
Our customers are IT companies that located around the world. IT outsourcing is a convenient solution for the cases when there is an appreciable surplus of projects in line and lack of available staff or for the cases when you need to cut development costs.
Due to considerable experience and availability of 3 own development centers in Ukraine (Odessa) and in Moldova (Chisinau), our company has an opportunity not only to carry out our projects, but also to handle projects for other companies.  
IT outsourcing. How it works?
You have a project but due to some circumstances you are not able to proceed with it. In order to save the customer you send us this project as a subcontract. As an alternative we can provide you with a team of developers to work under your management. You can owe your team.
Our specialists make analyzing and estimate the project. In the case of signing a contract, we carry out all work with the project and communicate with the customer on your behalf.
We can also provide your company necessary developers for a full time work, e. g. six months or more agreements are available.
You will have direct access to your dedicated team of developers and will be able to communicate with our developers in real time using skype, phone, bugtracker, e-mail, etc.
Please contact us at any time for additional clarification.