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Internet Marketing
Optimum-web for Internet Marketing, SEO, SMM, PPC, etc.
Search engine optimization is an integral part of web development. The number of sites is constantly increasing, starting from simple, made by students, up to sites of large International corporations. So when any user is searching for some information about products or services, they are browsing first five pages of search  engine, not more, but mostly less. Make some requests in search engine and you will see on what page is yours site. If you would like your site to be located on first five pages, you have to optimize it.
Search engine optimization. How much does it cost?
The price can be provided after detailed verification of your site and determination of objectives and key words. Each case is individual. For some queries and objects, it’s enough to optimize the site itself (internal optimization), for others it's necessary to buy expensive links options. If anyone tells you the price immediately, to get the TOP, without making any verification of your site, be careful, you applied to the amateur in search engine optimization.
Search engine optimization. How do we work?
        Co-ordinate "key requests" and purposes of promotion;        Analyze your site and competitors' sites;        Create work plan to promote the site and recommendations for changing the site;        Set deadlines and work plan;        Fix the budget;        Conclude the contract to provide services for search engine optimization;

The site should not only be created and "exist" in the Internet. It must work efficiently, live, grow, be attended and carry out the assigned tasks.